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Lippy ladies' tshirt

'Got a picture of you beside me, got your lipstick marks still on your Stripe & Shine top, oooh yeah'. (Take That, 1995). The 'Lippy' tshirt has been showered with kisses and includes a small S&S icon in the mix.


As with all the designs in the #1 collection, you can choose from 12 different colour combinations:

Colours: Rose pink, black and white

Print colours: Neon pink, bronze, silver and gold


The tshirts are 100% cotton and a ladies', fitted style. Size up for a more relaxed fit. Sizes S (8-10), M (10-12), L (12-14), XL (16-18), XXL (18-20). For more information about size and washing, check the Size and Washing Guide in the website footer.


Please note, as items are pressed by hand, they won't all look exactly the same! Please allow up to ten days for delivery

Lippy ladies' tshirt

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